AMD Athlon 64 Acer Aspire 1520 notebook Specifications and Photos

@ 2004/09/26
With Acer Ferrari 3400 we had a chance to realize how strong was Acer commitment to offer an attractive AMD notebook lineup with some of the most exquisite designs. Today, the AMD specialist site°°°, is first again to release the specification and photos of the newest AMD Athlon 64 Acer notebook. Relying on VIA chipsets to provide some unprecedented features like Gigabit LAN or FireWire IEEE1394, the Acer 1520 offers no less than 3 types of graphic chip (NVIDIA GeForce4 448 Go, NVIDIA GeForce FX Go5200, NVIDIA GeForce FX Go5700) and a choice of 2 screen sizes (15" and 15.4"). Most interestingly, the Acer 1520 shares the same base than the Acer Sempron notebook version known at Acer 1360 which can already be found in 2 flavors, AS1362WLMi-XPP and AS1362LCi-XPP with both using AMD Mobile Sempron 2800+.

The Acer 1520 Notebook specification and photos are now at

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And Acer 1360 specifications and photos can be seen at Acer

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