Logitech MX510 Optical Mouse Review

@ 2004/09/26

"The new MX510 Optical Mouse has set a new standard in computer mice
looks, feel, and functionality. Logitech has been known for reliability
and performance and yet with the MX510, Logitech has once again proven
that they are on the top of the industry. What makes this mouse so
distinct and unique from other Logitech mice is the 5.8 megapixel per
second transfer. This means whether you are scrolling documents or
playing some hardcore UT2004 or Doom 3, this mouse will always be on
time and precise thanks to its new MX optical engine that also
incorporates 800 DPI and can handle 15G's of acceleration. Now with all
these new and exciting features, in today's review we will prove that
the new mouse certainly promises to be a winner and will have
outstanding performance."

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