VIA's K8T890 chipset: PCI Express meets the Athlon 64

@ 2004/09/25
All of this is well and good, but there's been a catch. You see, the Athlon 64 has been hammering the Pentium 4 in many types of performance benchmarks, particularly the gaming ones, for nearly a year now. What's more, the latest versions of the Pentium 4 pull lots of power and generate lots of heat, making them not the most attractive CPU option. Right now, anyone buying a new system would have to choose between an Athlon 64 with AGP/PCI slots and a Pentium 4 system with PCI Express. That situation is about to be corrected, because chipset manufacturers are prepping core logic chipsets for the Athlon 64 with support for PCI Express. The first of those chipsets that has made its way into Damage Labs is VIA's K8T890. Read on to see our hands-on report.

Today, VIA is upping the ante again with the introduction of the K8T890 and K8T890 Pro chipsets. The K8T890 series of chipsets brings with it support for the high-speed PCI Express bus standard, along with all of the features already incorporated into the K8T800 Pro.

In all honesty, the big story here on the K8T890 chipset is PCI Express implementation. Not much else has changed on the north bridge in terms of performance or features other than that. VIA's presentation that they brought to us touches on some interesting points about the market and their chipset, so I am going to go over some of them before we delve into any numbers.

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