Choosing an alternative browser

@ 2004/09/25
Choosing a non IE browser is crucial to having a better experience on the Internet, and as well as a more secure and private experience! This article will discuss about why it is important, and what the main choices are.

Comment from wutske @ 2004/09/25
What a coincidence, a few hours ago I've been testing some browser . Just want to give my point of view. (I've tested them with velleman, login and my site@lycos)
IE: It's fast, it's small, but not secure enough. It doesn't have a lot of features, but the rules are handy (so I can block the adds on my site without having to disable/enable JS everytime I go there). It also show both google and lycos adds.

Opera: good browser, I've been using this for monts, but, it has adds and doesn't always work :grum: . The menus on the velleman site don't work, it show both google and lycos adds and it sometimes just crashes on my site (because of the JS adds) plus it's the only one who puts adds in my topframe. It also messed up the lay-out at lycos-login. Good thing is, it has a lot of features, I realy like the mouse gestures (move less, do more ).

Firefox; it's small and fast, it works well, but had too less features (just don't the idea of installing lots of plug-ins to get those extras). The velleman site works and it only show the google adds on my site All sites worked well.

Mozilla: seems the best to me now. It has lots of features and works very well. It has a good compatibility, but I miss the mouse gestures (and no plug-in for it).

Conclusion; alternativity rules (but not always). Just test and see what fits best with u. Trash IE and work safer and better.

Ow, and the PNG realy looks better in other browser