Intel's Dual Core Confusion Heats Up

@ 2004/09/23
Insight 64 Analyst Insists on Intel’s Allegedly Dual-Core Fake Amid Intel’s Decline to Reveal Details

Meanwhile Intel continues to keep the wraps on the already demonstrated system that was said to be based on a desktop chip with two processing engines, the analyst, who laid down assumptions that Intel had not really showcased any dual-core desktop central processing unit, has issued a yet another commentary explaining one more possibility of Intel’s shady demonstration.

“Since I published the report, some of my readers have suggested that I used too broad a definition of “engineering prototype.” They argue that a dual-core prototype must, at a minimum, include two processor cores on a single piece of silicon, and that Intel would be misleading its audience if it tried to fit any other implementation under the “dual-core” label. They argue further that Intel would not be willing to risk its reputation for high integrity, just for the sake of a product demo at a conference,” principal analyst for Insight 64, Nathan Brookwood, said.

In order to find out another explanation of what had happened during the presentation in early September Mr. Brookwood questioned other experts at Insight 64 and came up with the idea that Intel did not “dice” two processing cores used in today’s Intel Pentium 4 processors after they were made, but placed them onto a special package that allowed them to work in pair.

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