What videocard do you use in your system?

@ 2004/09/18
What videocard is inside your PC (if you have more then 1, which one do you use for gaming?)
Comment from Da_BoKa @ 2004/09/21
Originally posted by Farnsworth
ATI Radeon 9500Pro modded to 9700
the pro is not softmoddable to the 9700 only the non pro is
Comment from easypanic @ 2004/09/21
ATI x800 Pro @ XT speeds
Comment from Farnsworth @ 2004/09/21
ATI Radeon 9500Pro modded to 9700
Comment from ssl6 @ 2004/09/21
my pc = msi fx5900 ultra
my other pc = msi ti4600
my other pc = 3dfx voodoo2
my moms pc= asus v3800 ultra (tnt2) i tihnk its called the ultra, lol
my brother pc = ati 9800pr 256mb
Comment from SuAside @ 2004/09/21
BBA 9800pro in current pc
loaned out my old MSI Ti4600 to a mate
gf1 prophet in secondary "work" pc
old monster 3D II 12mb 3d card in a pc i never use! 200mhz mmx powah... collecting dust...
Comment from [Bonbon] @ 2004/09/19
radeon 9600 pro 128 mb ( previous a gf4mx440 64 mb )
Comment from Da_BoKa @ 2004/09/19
Sapphire 9800NP for gaming
PoV fx 5200 voor dad
Siluro ti 4200 for brother
Siluro MX 440 for server
Mobile radeon 9700 ( 64 mb ) for notebook
Comment from Maddy @ 2004/09/19
Leadtek Ti4200 128Mb
Comment from Sharpside @ 2004/09/19
Leadtek FX5900xt running 475/900 on stock cooling (nothin on the ram)
Comment from jort @ 2004/09/19
msi x800 pro here
Comment from calantak @ 2004/09/19
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Comment from Sidney @ 2004/09/19
Pissing me off; I feel like doing the same thing Doc is doing; getting some thing no one could get. It's only money.

$6000 on the system, and a brand new Viper ($90,000); are you still be my friends?

Sorry, this is after 12 beers.

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and wanting to be around with you guys; honest....

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Comment from IKilledMyAGOIA @ 2004/09/19
chaintech 6800 nu turbo(358/770 stock) with mad oc's when i feel like cranking it up to impress people or benchmark

previously g4 ti4200, g2 mx200

so basically an upgrade every other generation

no ati because, well, i missed the opportunity to buy a 9800, when i finally had the money, i had enough to go up to a 6800, so i buy for the future
Comment from RichBa5tard @ 2004/09/19
9500NP hardmodded and flashed to R9700 extreme.

Server uses a passive, low-profile GF4 MX440, my laptop an ATI Radeon mobility, and my divx box Via CLE266 CastleRock integrated grafics.
Comment from agent #2 @ 2004/09/19
9800 pro
9500 pro for backup
My dad's pc has a GF 4 Ti 4200.
Comment from Gamer @ 2004/09/18
X800XT-Pe (AGP) for now
Comment from piotke @ 2004/09/18
Geforce 2 MX200 overhere !
Comment from kristos @ 2004/09/18
ati 9500
ati 9800SE

nvidia fx5900xt in RMA and hopefully I'll be able to trade it in for an X800 series or at least an 6800GT.

nvidia GeForce 2MX (I think )

Kyro II
Comment from calantak @ 2004/09/18
x800xt-platinum edition
Comment from kr15t0f @ 2004/09/18
abit siluro ti4200 64Mb

I think I gonna keep this card till I can't play games at low detail @ 800x600

Or when I have money to buy a new one ( a good one)
Comment from wutske @ 2004/09/18
Saphire R9600PRO, maybe going to buy a 9800pro.
Comment from Sidney @ 2004/09/18
Everybody has better vcard than me, I must be a Dad.
Comment from DyNaRaX @ 2004/09/18
My pc: FX 5900
Brother: Geforce 4 MX
Dad: Geforce 2 MX

Laptop: Ati, don't know the details
Comment from ph0ton @ 2004/09/18
Asus V9570 FX5700 256mb

nice card, not that expensive (got it cheap on D-day @ Tones), just what I need.