OCZ DDR2 PC-5400 Memory

@ 2004/09/18
The advent of the 915/925x chipsets from Intel paved the way for a sea of changes including BTX power connectors, PCI Express, LGA775 and DDR2. One of the growing bottlenecks in the PC platform has been memory speeds. It is a fact that the gap between processor and memory speeds has continually grown wider since the inception of the PC. In the last five years, the biggest transition in terms of memory performance is the transition from SDR to DDR. There was also Intel's push towards RAMBUS but it has since dropped off the radar for the mainstream market therefore it will be left out of the discussion.

Comment from Sidney @ 2004/09/18
How many of you would spend on all new stuffs at once?
PCI-e video card
DDR2 memory