Overclocking Buyer's Guide

@ 2004/09/17
Overclocking is a very big subject, so the first task is to define where our Overclocking Guide is heading. We do not believe, at present, that AnandTech readers really want Buyer's Guides for phase-change cooling, water cooling, and other cooling techniques that change by the minute and are used in high-end overclocking. Instead, we have decided to concentrate on the best components that you can buy for overclocking on air with a decent Heat Sink/Fan (HSF).

Comment from Sidney @ 2004/09/17
Good article, but I have to add two more:

1) AXP Mobile -
NF-7 ~$70, 2600+M ~$90

2) Intel 2.4C -
IS7 or P4P800 ~ $80, 2.4C ~$150