Asus Bios Unlocks P4 Overclocking Potential

@ 2004/09/17
It can finally be done. Asus now delivers BIOS versions with its Socket 775 motherboards that allow you to tweak Pentium 4 Prescott multipliers, which represents a first step by a mobo maker to unleash the processor's overclocking potential.

While Asus' 'CPU Lock Free' mobo BIOS feature won't unlock the full potential of Pentium 4 multipliers, it does makes use of Intel Prescott's Performance Requirement Bit feature. It is now thus possible to unlock the multiplier for high-end P4 Prescott processor.

This news is not ground breaking, but significant all of the same. Think about running a Pentium 4 Processor 550 or 560 with a next-generation FSB1066, DDR2 at 350 MHz (DDR2-710) and a 3.72-GHz core clock speed? Sound like fun?

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