Asus Crux P4 XB7N Heatsink

@ 2004/09/17
Up until this point, Asus had not sold heatsinks under its brand name, and was known primarily as a videocard and motherboard manufacturer. The Crux P4 is the first Asus heatsink to be tested by FrostyTech, and thanks to its thermally controlled fan, is also one of the quietest ones for its class. Our digital sound meter measured its lower-end noise output at a meager 38.5 dBA, excellent compared to most Pentium 4 coolers. When temperatures rise, expect sound levels to follow suit through to 52.9 dBA.

Comment from Sidney @ 2004/09/17
It sure looks similar to CoolJag 66IC. CoolJag is a manufacturer; does Asus make or buy this cooler?

This "shorty" and "tiny" cooler if really delivers this kind of performance:

Desire a "big" looking into.