Windows Fails 8% of the Time

@ 2004/09/16
Journal du Net article reports that about 8% of Windows sessions require a machine reboot. The relevant quote (translated from french) is: "The average rate of failures requiring a system reboot has been measured at around 8% per session. This number varies widely depending on the version of Windows. Windows 2000 has a failure rate of 4%, and NT4 is at 3%, whereas Windows XP is close to 12%." The study was originally made by Acadys and Microcost and gathered data from 1.2M machines belonging to about one thousand companies over a period of one month in seven different countries."

Comment from FoRCe @ 2004/09/16
it's all have to be taken relative, when you put some nubs on a unix machine, they even accomplish to crash that machine.
When you compare win xp vs win 2k, you have to tell that more ppl use xp, so more problems will appear (more crashes) because of the larger group of users with different tastes.
Some guys even get a virus on their pc while the pc is used offline...

All such tests are crap, some users can use a computer, other will never can.
Comment from kr15t0f @ 2004/09/16
tell us something we don't know .

BTW: It's allready 2 months ago since my windows crashed.

new record!!!!!!!