Infineon admits to DRAM price fixing

@ 2004/09/16
German chip maker Infineon has admitted to fixing prices on RAM and will pay a US$160 million fine. The Department of Justice had accused Infineon (and other, unnamed conspirators) of conspiring with other as-of-yet unnamed companies to "suppress and eliminate competition" by setting the price of RAM sold to manufacturers such as Apple, HP, Dell, Compaq, Gateway, and IBM. The price fixing occurred between July 1999 and June 2002, according to the complaint

Comment from Sidney @ 2004/09/17
When you play soccer there are rules to make sure the game is played fairly for both sides, one of the teams break the rules and wins constantly; it is okay in your book that the team should not be punished.

Simply put; cheating is acceptable. If that is the case, I am speechless.


Topic on car insurance:

1) Accident rates remain high for driver 16 to 24. Don't even mention high rate; I am a parent of three kids and I had paid for their car insurance. Each of my kids had more than one "big" accident involving the cars to be total loss.
2) Why should older; mature people without any claims over 20 years of driving be paying for the high cost??
3) Driving is not a right but a previlage, try to remember this.


Topic on music

1) If you like it so much, you are paying for it. I don't chase after recent pops, I don't pay for any.

2) Stealing is human nature; it means GREED. Difference between man and beast is a single word; control.


Finally, it nice to be young; make every mistake ONCE. But, Corporation is different; young or old, they have lawyers in helping them to get away with "stealing". They got caught. At the end, you are protected.uke:
Comment from Xploited Titan @ 2004/09/16
Originally posted by jmke
get your parents to ensure a car, worked out great for me
I know, but it's still sad we need to do that to be a (semi-)legal driver...

It's true I got very offtopic, therefore, I apologize But my translation was very smooth and hardly noticeable, not?
Comment from easypanic @ 2004/09/16
yup, being under 25 sucks .

(That being very offtopic .)
Comment from jmke @ 2004/09/16
get your parents to ensure a car, worked out great for me
Comment from Xploited Titan @ 2004/09/16
Thank you. I was wondering if I wasn't going too far. But it seems alright
Comment from jakkerd @ 2004/09/16
i actually completely agree with u
Comment from Xploited Titan @ 2004/09/16
I don't like monopolies, etc. By I don't like hypocrism either...

Or everyone goes down, or nobody goes down, I'm tired of these politics who decide who gets blamed and who doesn't.

Everyone is equal for the rules and laws... MS abuses from his monopoly, and they disserved paying... The industry of music and movies, etc. is always screaming about pirates and their author rights, etc. But they are abusing us, consumers, as we have to pay more and more taxes so these *ssh*l*s get the money they want to have... I think it's time some worldrevolution breaks out, that the industry and the whole world understands money ISN'T an excuse to give up freedom and rights from people. We disserve our liberty, why should I pay taxes for stuff which is MY property? Why does some administration have the power to depossess me from my goods with some lame excuse? As long as I don't threaten directly somebody's physical or mental integrity, I should be left alone. Btw, why should young people pay such high car insurances? When you're young, you don't have so much money... If you create an accident and you're young, OK, then you should pay more to the insurance, but where is the 'non-guilty till proven'? We are obliged legally to have insurances, but we need to pay a fortune for riding with OUR car... OUR property, and we need to pay to have it, to use it, even to keep it.

I'm against everything which touches to the economy or politics in this world. Cos these both things are strangled one into the other and are corrupt and corrupting everybody.

PS: sorry for this debate, you may edit or delete it if you find it inappropriate.
PS2: sorry if some sentences may seem to be non-sense or uncomprehensible, english ain't my native language.
Comment from Sidney @ 2004/09/16
In that case, I trust you are not for anti-trust laws.
Comment from Xploited Titan @ 2004/09/16
I don't see the bad thing about that. The Petroleum Organization does the same thing, everybody does it. That's how liberalism works...

I see no point to suddenly scream for this...
Comment from Sidney @ 2004/09/16
The damn price fixings made OEM PC much cheaper than any enthusiasts could ever pay for. I am sure Micron; Samsung; Hynnis; Mosel are thinking ..... hummmm why not lowering the prices to the enthusiasts rather than to OEM.

The same thought went to ATI and Nvdia; that will be very nice.