Analyst Doubts Intel’s Dual-Core Demonstration

@ 2004/09/16
An analyst expressed doubts about demonstration of a “real” dual-core microprocessor during an Intel’s recent demonstration at Intel Developer Forum Fall 2004 in San Francisco, California. Insight 64’s Nathan Brookwood believes that Intel was most likely to showcase a dual-processor system instead of a dual-core processor-based system during the show.

At last week’s Developer Forum, Intel demonstrated how its Digital Office vision might enable three workers in different locations to collaborate to solve a complicated problem. One of the workers (“Jason”) had to juggle several compute-intensive tasks on his system, but the work flowed easily without the sorts of fits and starts that would plague many contemporary systems. At the conclusion of the demo, Bill Siu, the General Manager of Intel’s Desktop Platforms Group, casually noted that “Jason was using a dual-core system on a 915 [i.e., Grantsdale] platform.” When asked about it later during a Q&A session, Siu smiled coyly, and added only that the system used “an engineering prototype” of a dual core processor with “real silicon.” This begs the question of what was really inside the box

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