Building Your Own Notebook Part 3

@ 2004/09/16
We have already shown you what you need to do in order to build a notebook.
Now we walk you through installing Windows XP, updating the BIOS, how to
mod/install desktop video card drivers, and overclocking the video card.

"With all the eye candy turned on we see an amazing 37% increase in
performance over the default default settings. A jump from 38FPS to 52FPS is
an amazing performance increase and game play is noticeably smoother. It
looks like our tweaks have been very successful!..."

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Comment from jmke @ 2004/09/16 seems to have them? rds

maybe them an email to what shops they deliver goods
Comment from Farnsworth @ 2004/09/16
Are such whitebox notebooks available in belgium and at what price?