Official Screenshot From 3DMark05

@ 2004/09/15
Here's an official screenshot from 3DMark05, the next evolution in DirectX9 benchmarking

for a bigger version visit:
Comment from ssl6 @ 2004/09/15
that looks cool
Comment from Sidney @ 2004/09/15
It amazes me when I see at how "people" using games to interpret/see into the future.

We could accept the destruction of mankind; turning into robotic world which continues with the human instinct to kill every near by.

On the other hand; scenes such a Nature; Pond with fish; showing the past of what we used to have.

I like to see more of the software turning to architecture; 3D machine drawings like the samples found in Invector/AutoCad.

My 2 Cents ......
Comment from jmke @ 2004/09/15
it's meant to stress the latest gen graphics cards of course
Comment from kr15t0f @ 2004/09/15
The previous version was allready to heavy for mij pc. ( 5-7 fps ) What will be next. 1fps?