GlobalWIN Jefi & Starfi WaterCooling Solution

@ 2004/09/15
GlobalWIN has always brought quality and innovation to the market. Whether it’s power supplies, cases, heatsinks, hard drive enclosures or other accessories you always know that it’s going to be some of the best hardware available. Today we’re going to take a look at a product that will not only strengthen the claims of GlobalWIN’s innovativeness but prove to be one like no other. This new product is the GlobalWIN Jefi Watercooling System. Include with the Jefi review we’ll also take an exclusive look at the Starfi VGA waterblock, which works in perfect harmony with the Jefi.

Comment from Sidney @ 2004/09/15
My solution is better:

I have a deep well in my house: Water temp is about 13C from 200 ft below ground year round. Keeping the well water running into the water block and drain out to the fish pond in the backyard. No pump needed, because the water pressure is kept at above 6 PSI from the air tank.