ATI speaks about SLI

@ 2004/09/14
Between NVIDIA and Alienware’s offerings in multi-card solutions, she thinks Alienware has it right with their Video Array system. Alienware has the ability to engineer a system with the capacity to deal with heat and power requirements. And if there are problems, you have one point of contact instead of trying to deal with say the motherboard manufacturer or the video card manufacturer or even the dealer you purchased the components from. But as far as SLI being mainstream with the 6800 GT series, she thinks that part of the public is not ready

Comment from kr15t0f @ 2004/09/14
Originally posted by jmke

sounds to me like ATI is just trying to dish nVidia's (maybe) winning concept...
idd, ATI and Nvidia makes both very good cards, maybe ATI makes them a little better. But the last few months it seems that ATI is following everything nvidia does. :wtf: