ABIT Adds Intelligence to Graphics Cards

@ 2004/09/14
After adding an extensive set of additional capabilities to its mainboards, ABIT is here again to put some more onto its graphics cards in an attempt to make them more reliable and user friendly.

ABIT, a company that is mostly known for its mainboards tailored for gamers and overclockers, recently started to supply its new series of graphics cards that sport the company’s own uGuru technology, a hardware and software complex that allows end-users to adjust certain settings, delivering better overclockability as well as ensuring quieter operation.

Current iteration of Guru feature on graphics cards is not as broad as that found on ABIT’s mainboards. At the moment graphics cards’ uGuru can help users to adjust core and memory clocks, core and memory voltages, automatically control fan, monitor voltage, temperatures and fan speed, set usage presets and even email the owner about certain abnormal events. While some graphics cards allow overclocking, monitoring and fan speed control, they do not offer voltage adjustments, bug reporting and enable usage presets.

At the moment the only graphics card equipped with uGuru is ABIT’s RADEON X300 SE product aimed at entry-level market. Though, the company said that in not-too-distant future it would add more uGuru-enabled graphics SKUs into the family. Future products are likely to sport more capabilities than are offered today.

The company did not reveal whether the new functionality is likely to affect tangibly pricing of its graphics cards.

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