FastLaneHW is currently giving away 4 sets of Corsair 3200XL-PRO

@ 2004/09/13
Are you ready to win big with FastLaneHW? We're giving away 4 1GB sets of Corsair 3200XL-PRO memory. This is the same exact memory that we reviewed here and clocked up to an amazing 252Mhz (with room to go)...and the same memory that I run in my personal computer. Truly awesome sticks of memory, without a doubt! If you don't end up winning, you can always buy a 1GB kit for about $300...

All you have to do to win is enter your email address. Ends September 15th! (By entering your email address, you will receive Corsair's monthly newsletter, which you can cancel out of at any time after the contest period. Your email address will not be spammed or sold!)

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