AMD Socket A 2500+ Comparison (Barton, Mobile, Sempron)

@ 2004/09/13
If you're in the market for a midrange system, there is still great reason to look at the Socket A platform from AMD. At the 2500+ level, you are looking at a CPU that costs less than $90.

But which Socket A CPU should you choose? You could go for the old standby - the Barton AthlonXP. But what about this Mobile Athlon you've been hearing about? It is known as being a killer OCer. And how about Sempron? Is it really worthy of the "2500+" rating given to it, even though it is around $10 less than the others? And finally, what are the differences between all these CPU's? And which one performs the best?

So many questions; read our review to find the answers!

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