ATI Tray Tools

@ 2004/09/12
Ray Adams has released a new version of his tweaker for Radeon cards: ATI Tray Tools!

Updated Plug-Ins API. Added Run Time type plug-ins. These plugins will be executed at ATT start up.
Added PCI Register Set plug-in. Using this plugin, you can create list of PCI registers, which will be programmed at start-up. Also these registers will be restored after suspend/hibernate mode. Useful for setting BUS Disconnect on/off on motherboards without such option in bios.
Added CPU Load metter plugin with full source as example of "How to create Run time plugins and show information in system tray".
Updated Radeon Info plug-in.
Updated Games Profiles. Added option to close ATT after game end. But be careful and don't ask me if you got an error! If you set as game executable an loader, not the game itself, and this loader will be terminated after game start, ATT will be terminated too! Just remember. ATI Tray Tools will monitor .exe file provided as Game Executable!
Added option to load color profile at start up.
Fixed bug with TemporalAA in OpenGL configuration form.
Added OEM settings. (If you want to include ATT in your software/drivers package, please contact me first! I will provide more information)

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