PNY Verto GeForce 6800 Ultra

@ 2004/09/12
The ownership of the high-end video card market has flipped back and forth between NVIDIA and ATI over the years, with the last major shift being the Radeon 9X00 line taking over top spot from the GeForce 4-based cards and their GeForce FX successors. This paved the way for a sort of "Golden Age" for ATI, whereby the company held a performance and features advantage over NVIDIA, and offered a wide range of market-leading video cards. Those days look to have either come to an end, or at the very least, NVIDIA has made up significant ground. Their GeForce 6800 line of performance video cards has definitely caught the attention of gamers, right from the GeForce 6800 base model, all the way up to the top-of-the-line GeForce 6800 Ultra.

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