Panasonic 400Gb recorder burns 1 hour DVD-R in 56 seconds

@ 2004/09/11
Matsushita, maker of Panasonic products, have unleashed some darn nice set
top recorders. Or at least they are getting ready to in Japan soon. In total
there are five new models of DIGA DVD recorders. Ranging in capacity from
160 to 400 GB hard drives, they also feature high-speed dubbing in addition
to home and mobile networking capabilities. The new products, DMR-E500H,
DMR-E330H, DMR-E220H, DMR-250V and DMR-E87H will be introduced in the
Japanese market later this month. Here are the specs on the top of the line
model, the DMR-E500H.

The DMR-E500H high-end model in the DIGA DVD recorder range, features a
built-in 400GB hard disk drive with a recording capacity of 709 hours of
video in EP mode. It offers high-speed dubbing from hard disk drive onto
DVD-RAM at speeds of 40x and onto DVD-R disc up to 64x in EP mode. This
makes the DMR-500H the fastest DVD recorder in the industry as it can record
a one-hour program onto DVD-R disc in just 56 seconds.

With its Ethernet port and a broadband receiver, the DMR-E500H offers
convenience for home and mobile networking. With Ethernet connection, MPEG4
video and JPEG photos can be viewed by a PC*1 in another room. Using two
DMR-E500Hs, MPEG2 video on one can be accessed by the other on the LAN.
Broadband Internet access allows users to program recording through such
mobile devices as cell phones*2 and PCs while away from home. Users can
transfer pictures between the DVD recorder and their mobile device.

The DMR-E500H has an SD Memory Card slot and a PCMCIA card slot to transfer
MPEG data at high speeds for storage or use in other devices. Using an SD
Memory Card, it's easy to transfer video and still photos recorded by other
digital AV products, such as digital still cameras, to the DMR-E500H for
editing or storage on the hard disk or DVD discs. It can record MPEG4 image
data simultaneously while recording MPEG2 data onto the hard disk. The MPEG4
data can be transferred to an SD Memory Card and played back on a Panasonic
D-Snap SD video camera.

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