OCZ PowerStream 520W Power Supply

@ 2004/09/09
OCZ Technology is a key leader when it comes to producing high quality workstation memory. They cater to enthusiasts with high expectations of gaining as much performance out of their systems as possible. OCZ is right next to their competitors and even ahead in some areas (value). System memory is not the only product that OCZ specializes in, the company produces power leads, heatsinks, and power supplies."

Comment from calimero @ 2004/09/09
mine are full now :'( but i' ve placed my floppy into this unit.
Comment from calantak @ 2004/09/09
I have no spare slots to put that antec control unit in.
Comment from calimero @ 2004/09/09
The psu is very expensive i think, i have bought me an antec truecontrol for 150 euros...why pay 30 euros more :s

(chance da k u post snel gelezen had)
Comment from agent #2 @ 2004/09/09
*Drools hole in the floor*
Comment from calantak @ 2004/09/09
oh ****
cancelled all foreign orders and ordered at wallabie, damn, my triggerhappy ordering sometimes is irritating
Comment from calimero @ 2004/09/09
LOLZ check wallabie @ mechelen

I'm the best
Comment from calantak @ 2004/09/09
I am the quickest gunhand around when it comes to ordering hardware
this psu will help me greatly in getting that +12v line from my cuurent 11.15-11.25 up to 12

I hope it can draw my peltier too
Comment from RichBa5tard @ 2004/09/09
http://www.e-bug.de/cgi-ssl/preise.c...&artnr=1 4737

172 euro

Darn, your faster than me doc.
Comment from calantak @ 2004/09/09
probably the best psu money can buy
but where in Belgium or anywhere can I buy this set...
edit : found and bought one in france