VisionTek Xtreme2 USB 2.0 1GB GO DRIVE

@ 2004/09/07
VisionTek, a privately held subsidiary of Hartford Computer Group, known for their quality line of ATI based graphic cards have introduced a new product line to their hardware arsenal; USB 2.0 powered Xtreme2 GO DRIVE's. The tiny GO DRIVE's come in memory sizes of 64MB all the way up to 1GB. USB drives aren't really all that new to the market, and personally, have never really been of much interest to me. This lack of interest was due to two main factors, the small storage space of the early models (the ones I saw were usually in the range of 16MB to 128MB) and the fact that I had a CD burner drive. With 700MB of storage space on one CD, the measly 128MB amount found on the USB drives just didn't compare. While I feel that my reasons were valid at the time, with the introduction of USB 2.0 and larger drive sizes, the 1GB VisionTek GO DRIVE really caught my eye.

[M] version is here;

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