DTCP/IP and Intel's multicore CPU strategy

@ 2004/09/07
Working with Real Networks, Movielink, Netgear and Digital5, Intel have partnered with those companies to produce the technology behind DTCP/IP as part of their push into the digital home.

Starzi Movie was demonstrated, a system whereby you download entire films from the internet, queued up as you want to watch them. As the movie is streamed to the DTCP/IP device, it starts playing as soon as enough buffered content exists for you to do so, keeping smooth playback for the rest of the film."


Intel fully expects to have dual-core processors from top to bottom available in 2005. In 2006 they believe they will have 40% in desktop, 85% in workstation and servers (either dual or multi-core), and 70% of mobile products, all dual-core."

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