PowerLeap Breathes 2.8 GHz Life Into Old Sockets

@ 2004/09/06
PowerLeap specializes on all technically feasible adapter solutions for running new processors on old systems. About 18 months ago we received an adapter board to operate Socket 370 processors like the then-new Pentium III Tualatin on outdated Slot-1 machines.

Today's situation is similar: Intel offers P4 models for Socket 478 with up to 2.6 GHz and FSB400 that it is technically possible to run on the old Socket 423, too. Luckily for PowerLeap, however, there are also some even faster CPUs that don't appear in Intel's specs: we received 2.8 GHz for the test; according to PowerLeap, 3.0 GHz models with FSB400 are available as well. While not exactly a steal for $349/€319, the 2.8 GHz version we tested can be had for $249/€219 and is not significantly slower.

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