@ 2004/09/03
They each cost $US11.95, plus $US3.85 for US shipping for one Weight. If you order more than one, additional Weights ship for an extra $US1.90 each. Shipping outside the States costs more, of course, but USPS air mail to me here in Australia was only $US11 for two Weights.

Comment from ssl6 @ 2004/09/03
im not using wireless, i like my intellimouse optical 2 much....when they make a wireless 1 exactly like it, ill buy it.....maybe, i find wireless mice suffer a pendulum effect.......i dont trust wireless stuff anyway, last thing i need is for my mouse 2 die in the middle of a game
Comment from Sidney @ 2004/09/03
That's why Dan does not recommend the product if you read the whole article; besides most people are using wireless mice and keyboards.
Comment from ssl6 @ 2004/09/03
i dont get the point of them.....
Comment from AchMalAch @ 2004/09/03
So they keep cables in place or what? I use books for that...
Comment from jmke @ 2004/09/03
what? looks way to much work to install any amount of these gadgets. Proper cable wiring in your desk will avoid having to use these things.. ever