Futuremark Interview

@ 2004/09/03
The German website ATI-News.de have published their interview with Futuremark Corporation about their new product 3DMark 05.

ATI-News: The use of the 3DMark03 has become a highly disputed topic of discussion in the past. What’s your stance about it? + What are you going to do to change this problem?"

Nick: We really need to focus on where we are at the moment. There were some discussions around 3DMark03 last year, but at the moment everything is back to normal. By following the benchmark guidelines and using 3DMark03 approved drivers, 3DMark03 gives you reliable and perfectly comparable results. We will continue to approve drivers for both 3DMark03 and 3DMark05 in order to ensure that there are no application specific optimizations that could jeopardize the results’ validity.

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