ATI likely to postpone RS400 and RS480 launch to 4Q

@ 2004/09/02
ATI Technologies is likely to postpone the launch of its new integrated north bridge chipsets, the RS400 and RS480, to the fourth quarter of this year, instead of the third quarter as originally planned, according to sources at Taiwan PC makers.

If ATI fails to bring the two chipsets to the market in early October, the company may miss the opportunity to secure orders from PC OEMs, which tend to have their fourth quarter goods shipped before the end of October, the sources noted.

The RS400, which supports the P4 platform, has been remodeled twice, partly due to I/O problems, the sources said. The RS480, which supports the K8 platform, has had fewer problems.

The delay of the RS400 and RS480 has postponed Taiwan-based ALi’s plan to start ramping up its M1573 south bridge chip, which is designed to be paired with the ATI chips. ALi completed the design-in process of the M1573 chip two months ago, according to the sources.

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