guide to tweaking Doom3 for Ati graphics card systems

@ 2004/09/02
Using these tweaks I went from 5fps on the opening sequence on an Ati Radeon 9800 pro (doom3, highquality, 2x) to 40fps (same settings). 'Nuff said.

Comment from calantak @ 2004/09/02
wtf for a reply was this

everybody talks about this since weeks....
"The .pk Unpacking trick... People from ID software said this won't work. It does, for the majority of systems - it may not speed up save-game or level loadtimes on -all- systems, but the general consensus is that it reduces or removes the funny pauses you get ingame when going into a new room or section. Download winrar or any RAR-equivalent (apparently this works with winzip as well, though I haven't tried it). Use it to unpack all of the .pk files into the doom3/base directory. Then move the .pk files to another directory, or delete them. Warning: This destroys multiplayer, if you're into that. The reasoning behind this, I would imagine, is that when loading a small section or a couple of new shaders, it doesn't have to search through the compressed-file structure to find it. "

has anybody with a gig of ram and a fast cpu verified this with numbers, coz I still don't think it's worth it