Mushkin LII V2 PC3200 & OCZ Gold Rev 3 PC3700

@ 2004/09/02
Mushkin's Level II V2 is a more than adequate replacement to their Winbond BH-5 based Level II modules that offered such great performance in the DDR400 to DDR450 range. In this sense, Mushkin Level II V2 has lived up to its legendary name. One thing that slightly worries me is the fact that the modules did not manage to perform beyond DDR500 with them only being just about stable at this speed. The test results indicate that Mushkin selected chips that offered the best performance from DDR400 to DDR466, as the DDR466 timings are better than those achieved by the Corsair XL PRO. It's certainly a different approach to take, but those who're looking for modules in the range of DDR400 to DDR466 would not go far wrong here.

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