Thermaltake BigWater Water Cooling Kit

@ 2004/09/02
Overclocker Café have thrown up their review of Thermaltake's BigWater Water cooling kit! Here's a snip.

Thermaltake is not new to the manufacture of water cooling kits. The Aquarius II and Aquarius III units each have expanded the water cooling market with easy to install all-in-one kits. The latest all-in-one kit from Thermaltake is the BigWater.

The Tt BigWater combines an oversized radiator and 120mm fan with their near silent 12volt pump to produce a nice kit that performed shockingly well. I say shockingly well because against all common sense, the Tt BigWater unit came within a red hair of out performing an Asetek L20 H2O kit that is geared toward performance over silent operation. We’ll get the performance details shortly. First let’s take a look at the BigWater kit itself. On to the specs.

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