Counter-Strike: Source Beta Performance: Mainstream Cards

@ 2004/09/02
With the high-end cards covered, it's now time to look at how the mainstream cards perform with Counter-Strike: Source beta. In this article, Brandon rounds up the latest $200 offerings from ATI and NVIDIA. Cards benchmarked include the RADEON 9800 PRO, 9600/9600 PRO/XT, 9500/9500 PRO and RADEON 8500 128MB, while the NVIDIA cards represented include the GeForce FX 5600/5600 Ultra, 5700/5700 Ultra, GeForce FX 5900 XT, GeForce4 Ti 4200/Ti 4600 and even GeForce3 64MB! See how all 15 cards stack up against each other in our latest article!

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