EPoX Released AMD Sempron ™ Supported Mainboards List

@ 2004/09/01
[Taipei, July 28th, 2004] –Leveraging existing platforms to support value segments, AMD released a new line of processors, Sempron™ that serves the needs of the basic PC market. EPoX Computer Co. Ltd. (EPoX) at the same time released Sempron™ supported mainboard list for selection.

The initial AMD Sempron processor supports multi-platforms, ranging from Socket A, Socket 754 and Socket 939. It also integrates 256KB of L2 cache and supports only 32-bit OS, differencing from Athlon 64-bit CPU. As supporting Socket 754/939, users can easily upgrade from 32-bit platform to 64-bit, the next generation platform, while keeping the same hardware and maintaining the most cost effective performance.

Sempron is invented from Latin “Semper”. "Semper", Latin for "always", is more commonly used in the phrase "Semper fidelis", or "semper fi", meaning “always faithful”. As its name suggested, AMD Sempron™ processors are being developed to meet the evolving day-to-day needs of home and business PC users. The new offering is able to run over 60,000 of the world’s most popular applications flawlessly and deliver maximum performance on the mainstream applications, such as web browsing, email, and word processing, even downloading and playing music. Also, it is optimized for Microsoft Windows XP Professional, and is compatible with Windows XP Home Edition/98/ME/NT/2000, as well as Linux and other PC operation systems.

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