Asetek Antarctica CPU Water Block

@ 2004/09/01
There comes a point in time when some computer "power users" will want to ditch their loud fans for a quieter and more efficient cooling solution, water. For those who wish to build a "DIY" (do it yourself) kit you are going to be looking for the most efficient and best cooling kit you can get. When it comes to your water block, if you chose the traditional style with one input and one output header there is a hidden problem. The side where the water enters the block will be colder than the side where the water exits the block, hence you'll have a "hot side" to your CPU.
The Antarctica from Asetek has one input fitting in in the middle of the block, over the hottest part of the core, and two exit fittings, one at each side of the input. This offers an even flow of water, entering over the hottest part of the CPU and working it's way out at both sides, no "hot spots"!

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