Thermaltake SilverRiver External Enclosure

@ 2004/08/29
Just about everyone likes external drive enclosures. Why not; they allow us
to turn internal drives into high speed external drives. External
enclosures currently come three popular sizes: 2.5", 3.5", and 5.25". The
2.5" enclosure turns a laptop hard drives into USB powered external hard
drives, while 3.5" enclosures transforms a 3.5" hard drive from internal to
external. But the 5.25" enclosures can turn 5.25" optical drives or 3.5"
hard drives into external drives. While some companies may only make one or
two of the three sizes, Thermaltake's SilverRiver external drive enclosure
series features all three. This review will be covering the 5.25" enclosure.

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