Hamster-Powered Night Light

@ 2004/08/27

We bet that Analise will be working on some of these challenges for her project, and keeping careful records. We just helped her with the alternator design -- I don't think they teach it in school these days. And we hope others will try this experiment, and refine it for their own needs too! As for us -- the silliness level here at work has reached an all time high--even more so by finding out that the project actually works! Skippy is happily employed by Forcefield and keeps DanF from stumbling during those late-night trips to the bathroom. We'll keep feeding him hamster chow (Skippy, that is) and see how many watt hours he makes yearly!

Comment from Sidney @ 2004/08/27
The hamsters were not harmed during the entire project; it turned out hamsters enjoy a little electrical shock.