How To Protect & Backup Your Data

@ 2004/08/27
Death, Taxes, HD Loss
Won't happen to you? Let's face some facts:

In the first half of the year virus scribblers unleashed 4677 new viruses or 26 a day and that was an increase of 21% over last year! No wonder security software companies do such a brisk business.
It doesn't matter which operating system you use – MS, Apple, Unix, Linux – these people who find it "fun" to take over your system or just destroy your data find ways in.
Protection software only protects you AFTER the stuff has been unleashed and has infected hundreds or thousands of systems. It isn't proactive.
Seagate just announced a five-year warranty on HDs but "your mileage may vary." And when the drive goes south they may swap it out for you but what about all of your great, irreplaceable content?
According to people who keep these kinds of statistics lightning strikes somewhere in the country over 30 times a day.
According to Contingency Planning Research you are the cause of 50% of all computer disasters
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