Akasa AK-P460FG BL PSU

@ 2004/08/27
The Power supply can be viewed as the heart of our computers, since every component relies on its ability to deliver adequate power to all the loads within the system. Today these loads are many: Multiple hard disks, multiple optical drives, as well as our ever more power-hungry CPUs all drive the need for more power. Not only do these devices require large amounts of power, they can also radiate considerable waste heat. A power supply capable of delivering that much power can also expel a good deal of waste heat in its own right. The standard solution to the two aforementioned problems, up until recently, was simply to add more fans. This works well enough, but it introduces something else no one wants: Noise. Akasa took a long look at this problem and built the AK-P460FG BL as their answer.

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