ECS KV2 Extreme

@ 2004/08/27
While the KV2 isn't quite the feature-fest that defined the PF4 Deluxe, it's close. The only things (besides the obvious difference in processor and memory types) that differ are SATA port count, where the PF4 supplies two more ports than the KV2 (ECS opted not to hookup a SATA PHY to the VT8237 for four ports), and that the KV2 doesn't ship with the USB WiFi networking device.

Other than that, the KV2 is pretty packed. Decent ATA support due to the SiS180's extra port, extra SATA from it too, plenty of USB2.0, powered and unpowered FireWire400 and dual wired Ethernet with one port GigE-capable.

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