Shoot Club: The Doom 3 review

@ 2004/08/25
Trevor and the 21-year-old give each other high fives. "Those are our copies of Doom 3," Trevor said. "The copies we'll all be installing," a glance at his watch, "in about four and a half hours."

Actually, I should mention that I won't be installing anything. I already had a press copy, so I was just there because of the persuasiveness of Trevor's enthusiasm. I had been in line with him for Phantom Menace, for an Xbox, even for the opening night of Godzilla. Yeah, that Godzilla. The one with Matthew Broderick. But I've long since learned that what we're waiting for doesn't matter. We're in it for the thrill of the communal wait, that shared moment where fellow victims of hype come together for the moment of truth.

In fact, I had already finished Doom 3. But Trevor didn't want me to say anything about it. He didn't even want to know if I liked it. "You're too picky," he had told me. "I just want to know if a game is fun or not. And I don't trust you in that department. You're too harsh. You need to lighten up. Plus, I don't want you to give away any spoilers."

Comment from jmke @ 2004/08/25
"I'll read you the last line. 'Although it's built from an impressive engine, Doom 3 is ultimately a soulless derivative rehash of tired, tried, and true motifs. It is a bauble that reminds us of id's triumph when it comes to technology and their abject failure when it comes to imagination.'"