LAN.Ranger - Lighted CAT6 network cable for the extreme gamers

@ 2004/08/25
Aug - 2004 - You got your case painted, your cables managed and your power supply modded. You got the best and coolest mouse and an even better mousepad. A 20" screen with the highest resolution possible and the best headphones on the market. Why not the best juice for your online gaming?

LAN.Ranger is the revolutionary new network cable from AC Ryan that brings ping times and data transfer rates to its maximum. The LAN.Ranger is equipped with SilverEMI shielding; great for LAN parties and places with lots of EMI (ElectroMagnetic Interference). Built with top of the line technology, the LAN.Ranger brings ultra-performance CAT6 specs of modern day networking into your home... or lanparty! Show off your single-digit ping times and blow the competition away!

And show off your LAN.Ranger...

AC Ryan's LAN.Ranger is not only outperforming the older cables by a truckload, but in looks it crushes the competition. The LAN.Ranger's SilverEMI shielding gives the whole cable a a cool silver shine in daylight : *what-you-see-is-what-you-get silver*. The heads (connectors) are lighted by powerful blue LED's to let people know that that is your cable in the switch. The cable itself is UV-active and lights up in UVblue under UV lighting (UV-active fever rulez again!!). Everyone will know where to go to find the coolest case at a LAN party; just follow the LAN.Ranger.

Dare to be different from those boring gray CAT5 cables. LAN.Ranger; only the best for your lanning and gaming.

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