PowerColor Radeon 9250 128MB Graphics Card

@ 2004/08/23
snip: "In the recent months we’ve seen dozens of reviews showing the top of the line ATI and nVidia cards that can push your gaming experience to levels that were only dreamed of half a year ago. But these dream FPS pushers come with a heavy price tag, elevated noise levels and even PCI slot hogging sizes. Most of us have absolutely no problems with using and spending our hard earned money on these types of graphic cards. But what if you don’t need the speed limit shattering FPS, don’t have money tree in the back yard, can’t deal with the extra noise and are limited by space. All you want is a quality, fanless, stable graphics card that will deliver superb image quality at a very affordable price. Well PowerColor might just have the perfect piece of hardware for you; enter the PowerColor 9250 graphics card powered by the ATI Radeon 9250."


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