ATI is smug but Nvidia's the bug in the rug

@ 2004/08/23
I was almost ready to believe, but then cracks started to show, and they validated my beliefs, ATI missed the boat, and missed it badly. Don't believe me, how about looking at it from the ATI perspective? ATI knew it was behind, and knew there was nothing it could do for a year. What do you do in this case, spin, dodge and dance.

When Nvidia announced its parts, you heard ATI crowing about how the R500 would have SLI also, right? Me neither. None of my sources heard it, and no OEMs are talking about it. Said checkbox will probably be blank until R600 time. That is a long long time to wait while you lose every single benchmark on the planet.

Looking out, I see ATI with a minuscule advantage that it is clinging to, desperately hoping no one notices that the train left the station in early August with the release of Doom3. The future belongs to Nvidia right now, and the only hope ATI has is in the R500, but that won't be here for a long time. If it manages to catch up card for card, Nvidia still 'only' has a 2:1 advantage. I know where my money will be going, and an X800 seems like money badly spent if you don't plan on buying an new card every three months

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