Arctic Cooling ATI and NV Silencers (Update)

@ 2004/08/23
1) Compatibility
There are lots of different layouts on the market and just a few manufacturers like Sapphire are really using the 9800 XT layout for these cards. So it won't fit on most 9800 Pro's and therefore in most cases we would confuse customers. We prefer they just have the option of the ATI Silencer 1 and no compatibility problems. With the ATI Silencer 3 the story becomes too complicated.

2) Double bracket problems
Regarding the NV Silencer 4 and 5 there were indeed problems with double bracket cards. We add from now on in the production an extra single bracket for the card. That means that in about 7-8 weeks the NV Silencer 4 and 5 will also fit double bracket boards.

3) Breaking screws
We recognised this problem. If you fasten the screw nut too much, the screw will brake. We also worked on this problem and solved it with new screws.

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