Vapochill LightSpeed

@ 2004/08/23
It's been quite a while since Asetek released a totally new phase change cooler; many ideas and suggestions were raised by their customers about how to improve the Vapochill range. It would appear Asetek took heed to this advice and have now released their latest cooler the LightSpeed.

Those of you who are familiar with the older Vapochill models will know that they came as a complete case with the compressor mounted above the motherboard. This was good from a heat point of view, but to most people the cases lacked the style of the variety of aluminium cases on the market. The other major issue was that they drew their power from your system power supply unit. This was far from ideal, as the wiring looms required meant that certain motherboards wouldn't work reliably with the unit and that it sapped power from an already power hungry system.

You'll be pleased to know that Asetek have addressed these points entirely. Firstly, the LightSpeed is a standalone cooling solution and secondly, it has its own dedicated power supply unit. So without futher delay, let's get down to business....

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