OCZ DDR Booster Diagnostic Device

@ 2004/08/23
We recently reviewed the OCZ PC4000 Gold memory, which was undoubtedly one of the best performing PC4000+ memory available. It overclocked extremely well and provided excellent performance. However, in order to reach the insane overclock, we had to up the juice and give it a good 3v in order for it to start performing. Most of the motherboards produced today only give enthusiasts the option of VDIMM up to 2.8v-2.9v. Other than utilizing voltage modifications, there is no way to increase voltage to memory. OCZ strives to give overclockers a better chance at improving overclocking results. They have made everyone's dream piece of hardware--the DDR Booster.

Comment from kristos @ 2004/09/13
I mailed hofline about them after reading the review on VR-zone was published.

They replied they would get them then next day but by then I already had ordered 2 via my dad so I didn't follow up on their mail.
Comment from easypanic @ 2004/09/13
Anyone knows where to find these things in .be?