Logisys Cold Cathode Kits

@ 2004/08/20
Today we take a look at a couple cheap ($6) yet very effective CCFL kits from Logisys.

Each inverter can power two bulbs and has cutouts on top for ventilation (the electronics inside can get a bit warm). It still makes a tiny bit of noise when working, but nothing noticeable more than a few inches away. The provided velcro strips are cut to size and have adhesive backing for easy application, allowing you to mount the lights anywhere in a case. The cables are good length so placing two cathodes on opposite ends of a case is no problem. The molex connector is pass-through and is wired to a PCI slot with a simple on/off switch. Even better, this switch is removable so if you aren't satisfied with it being mounted in the rear of the case you can easy place it anywhere else with screw holes or plain old tape. As for the bulbs, they're rated for 30,000 hours of operation or approximately 3.5 years of continuous use. Assuming you don't have your computer on 24/7, these could very well last you into the next decade.

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