Less go, more show

@ 2004/08/19
It's against my basic nature, but I'm quite happy about the widely reported Depressing Current Trends in the performance computing market.

Like, for instance, the home video game market moving away from PCs, with their zillion and three quirky hardware configurations and substantial piracy problem, to nice standardised less-often-warezed consoles.

And, in a related development, PC gamers stepping off the upgrade path. Or, at least, standing still on it for a while.

Games are still driving many PC enthusiasts to get the shiniest new processor and video card and motherboard with UV-reactive trimmings; there's been a spasm of upgrading around now that Doom 3's out (not that you have to have the latest and greatest hardware to run it; ATI and Nvidia must be cursing the scalability of the Doom 3 engine), and the ever-present threat of Half-Life 2 actually being released some time soon is spurring people into questionably sensible preparatory upgrades. Because, of course, the world will unquestionably end if they have to play their new game at only 25 frames per second for a day and a half.

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Comment from Sidney @ 2004/08/19
How true he sounded ....

When youngsters could not figure why old folks or some folks would only go for the Detroit Irons (Chevy and Ford small block V-8s), they simply go with the low cost Honda Civics for kicks. When they found the Celica were overpriced! They went for Mitsu. When they found going fast in a straight line has less fun than going in figure 8 where G-force on both sides have more fun than front and aft.

550 HP Viper or a 95 HP MGB Roaster ..... the latter still gets you where you want while enjoying the scenaries a bit longer with money left to go to a nice restaurant with your girl friend. But, the former will take you there faster only to have missed all the nice people you could have met along the way; and find yourself sleeping in Motel 8 alone awaiting your friends to show up.